Friday, June 17, 2011

Ramen Noodles

I'm eating a package of delicious, greasy salty spicy flavour Nong-shim ramyun with corn and fried egg.

Haven't had ramen since last year in Brazil, which nearly turned me off ramen forever.  They make cheese flavoured ramen and ketchup flavoured ramen.  Both are just as gross as they sound, but I have this bad habit of seeing strange, gross looking things at the grocery store and restaurants and buying them because they look gross.  Surprisingly frequently, they end up being delicious, but just as frequently, they end up being just as gross or grosser than they look.  I should have figured that cheap brazilian ketchup-flavoured ramen would taste like instant noodles with salty fake ketchup powder on it.

Anyway, I'd forgotten how delicious these little MSG-bombs could be.

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  1. I know a lot of people knock Ramen - but I think its a quite tasty snack! I know I gross some people out when I just eat it uncooked with some seasoning sprinkled on it :)