Thursday, November 4, 2010


I had a fantastic 6 weeks in Brazil after I finished my internship, and got back home about a month and a half ago.  I spent 3 weeks at mom and dad's, simultaneously packing and unpacking, before finally moving into my own place with Jordan.

We still have a number of boxes left to unpack, mostly textbooks and Warhammer 40K minis we don't know where to store, but our mothers teamed up to make our apartment nice and homey.  We have a fantastic futon and I got spice jars and just planted my herb garden.

School has been keeping me busy, but I've found time to start attending drop-in lifedrawing classes (occasionally accompanied by Miguel), and I made myself an AWESOME VIKING COSTUME for Halloween.  Of course, I spent Halloween cooped up in the civ lab working on a construction project,  but I looked really awesome while I did it.

I've been doing all the cooking because until today, I was under the mistaken impression that Jordan didn't know how to cook.  He's spent 3 and a half years making clueless faces whenever he's in the kitchen.  Turns out the moment I was gone for just a few hours, he revealed super-secret gourmet chef abilities.  I'm drooling over the memory of the delicious scalloped potato and green pepper dish he made.  It was perfectly spiced, with lots of rosemary and pequin peppers and cumin ** Drool**

Life is generally pretty good, although earlier this evening I got a terrible wave of homesickness...I'm just no longer sure what I'm homesick *for*