Thursday, June 30, 2011


I used to draw semi-constantly.  I always had several projects on the go, and even finished drawings with some frequency.  When I went into engineering, I stopped drawing.  I didn't mean to, but sometime last year I realised that I hadn't drawn anything at all in over a year.  Over the past several months, I have slowly started drawing again.

First, I started going to life drawing classes, then doodling in a sketchbook.  I listed a few of my newer sketches as cards in the Menace Creations shop, but the originals stayed safely bound in my sketchbook:

 I'm proud to say that today I listed my first full-sized original drawing on Menace Creations - an 11" x 14"  pen and ink dragonfly.

One thing I've noticed, and which I commented on in my interview on the TESTy blog, is that my drawings have gotten a lot looser.  I'm not sure if it's the engineering influence, or just me getting older and more mature (haha, right) but I'm getting a lot better at capturing the essentials of a drawing without overworking all of the details.  I think it gives my drawings more life, although perhaps I am just being overly optimistic.

I've even been keeping a semi-regular sketchbook.  I'm still nowhere near as prolific as Misha, but I have a few sketchbooks gradually getting filled up with rough, unfinished sketches.  I was never able to sketch in the past.  Very exciting stuff.

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