Monday, June 13, 2011

I love you, Mommy and Daddy

My parents are determined to be proud of me, no matter what.  When I scribbled little smudges as a toddler, they were proud of the stories I invented to explain them.  When I started a "greeting card company" called Monkey Business out of my top desk drawer at age 6, they were proud of how clever my logo was.  When I won an honourable mention at a Korean speach competition (purely on the basis of being the only non-Korean participant) when I was 11, they were over the moon.  I got a special dinner when I didn't come in last at one of my swim meet events in high school.  Last year, when I was chosen for an internship at the Brazilian Green Building Council, they were ever so proud and barely even mentioned the fact that the internship paid less than my rent cost.  Every one of my achievements, large or small, was celebrated, proudly shared with all of their friends and polite acquaintances.  All of this is normal for loving parents.

But my parents are extra-determined to be proud of me, no matter what.  This year, my achievements have included dropping out of a civil engineering program, with just over a semester left before getting my degree,  leeching off them and my boyfriend for all my expenses (thanks for paying for my dentists appointment, btw),  quitting my job to work on mom's electoral campaign (a source of great pride :P) and then proceeding to try, with limited success, to sell necklaces and cards on the internet while unemployed for the next month.

So what have my parents found to be proud of?  Well, last week my mom told me she and dad had been discussing how impressed they were with my item descriptions  on my aforementioned unsuccessful craft shop, Menace Creations.

I love you, mommy and daddy, for being so supportive even when my achievements are far from stellar, and for encouraging me to be my best at everything.

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  1. That's what mom and dads do. They probably have a positive thought on this and think that you will do well.