Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jordan's haircut

Jordan got a haircut.  Actually, we both got haircuts, but nobody is terribly surprised when I buzz my head anymore, so we didn't take pictures when I got my haircut a few days ago.

Goofybutt before:

Goofybutt after:
Isn't my wife pretty?
Seriously, hipster girls pay a lot of money for the haircut I gave Jordan with a pair of poorly controlled kitchen scissors.  Hell, I think *I* paid for a haircut like this one once.
Oh, and I'm totally kidding about that being the after.  Jordan would murderate me if I cut off his ponytail and then left him looking like a blonde Katie Holmes with shoulders.  

Here's the real after:

 Yes, we do match.  A lot.  In our defense, the grey tshirts and matching pajama pants were intentional just for the picture.  That time.


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