Friday, May 14, 2010

Lee Hamu and the Case of the Invisible Alarm Clock

I'm taking advantage of a lull in my workflow to post about a mystery I just solved.

Every morning at my apartment, I've woken up in a panic at exactly 6:45.  At first I thought it might be habit; after all, 7 am is my little brother's wakeup call at home, and he always wakes me up with his stomping around and yelling.  But that didn't make sense, because the nights I've stayed over at my aunt's or my cousin's place, I haven't woken up.  Next, I thought it might be nerves, but I'm calmer now than I've been in over a year, so that theory was out.  Not to mention, 6:45 local time is 5:45 Toronto time, and there's no precedent whatsoever for that.

Well, today I solved the mystery.  I woke up panicked at 6:45, as usual, but today I spent a few minutes investigating what could have woken me up.  Suddenly, it dawned on me!  The sound of rushing water in the pipes!  It turns out that a bunch of the people in the apartments around and above me wake up early, and take their showers at 6:45.  The sound is not terribly unusual, or disruptive when I'm awake, so I'd never thought of it.  But it is surprisingly loud!

How's that for some civil engineering investigation?

Stay tuned for this weekend's public transit adventure :)

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