Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Copa do Mundo

The World Cup is a big deal here.  Whenever Brazil plays a game, the whole country takes time off from life to watch.  Everyone dresses up in soccer jerseys, silly hats, flags and other costumes.  Here are some pics I took before the Brazil-Ivory Coast game last week, at my aunt's condo :)

The bar downstairs got converted into a viewing room.  My aunt and I went for a walk to show off our costumes to the other residents :)

I felt like such a superhero with my flag cape and studded bracelets :)


  1. Oh dear. Well that is the end of that now I guess. I am looking for to much less horn honking in my predominantly Portuguese speaking neighborhood.

  2. :(

    The interesting/cool thing was after we lost, everyone here partied anyway, using up whatever fireworks they had bought for the cup and honking their green and yellow vuvuzelas. Even though we lost and got eliminated, the atmosphere here after the game was really positive. And that was cool.

    The Netherlands are playing extremely well this year, and honestly, I'll be happy if they win. (not as happy as I would have been celebrating a Brazilian win in Brazil, but what can ya do?)