Thursday, March 25, 2010

Plane tickets!

I bought about $2000 worth of plane tickets last night.  It was a huge hassle and I ended up having to call Expedia twice, since I was trying to book flights for both my boyfriend and I, but we're leaving on separate flights, 4 months apart, and returning together.  We also had the added challenge of both wanting veggie meals.  

Expedia had a great price on weekday direct flights to São Paulo, but they were a real hassle to work with, as they refused to help me book my return tickets together, so we don't have a guarantee that we will be seated together.

My flight leaves from Pearson Airport at 11:30 PM on April 29th, and arrives in  São Paulo Guarulhos the next day at 10:40 am. 

My lovely boyfriend will be flying out to join me in São Paulo on August 27th, after he finishes his work term. 

We´ll be flying back together on September 11th, with a stopover in Chicago. 

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